Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabulous Friday Again

I've been off the ranch, as it were, or I guess I should say out of the cave...
Real Live beckoned, and she held all the aces, so I had little choice but to comply.
I've gotten things back on track enough to be here today, for what it's worth. I do have a ton of catching up to do with work and such, so forgive this rather blahish post, and know that I'll put something great up before the day is over. How about a little taste of the hotness that is Vicktor Alexander and Lady A mixing it up again? Complete with Sneaky Cherie popping in and out at random moments. That should be fun for all. I'll try to have that up before bed-time tonight, and I'll leave it up all day Saturday. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Snog with Kay and Lewell'yn of Tian's Hero

Leaping over an inconveniently placed cart, Lewell'yn slid the last few feet to Kay's door. He raised his foot, intending to kick the barrier open. A voice calling out to him from inside halted his action.
"You'll find the door unlocked if you just try the handle."
Lewell'yn really didn't care for the amused tone in the fucker's words. He was snarling as he opened the door. Kay gave a happy cry and launched himself at Lewell'yn. The slender medic climbed up Lewell'yn, wrapping arms and legs around him in frantic haste.
"You're back, you're back, you're back!"
The sweet taste of Kay's clove and honey kisses filled Lewell'yn's mouth. He suddenly found himself feeling far less homicidal. He couldn't hold onto his mad while both hands were fully occupied holding a squirming bundle of excited medic.
Lewell'yn felt the volatile anger melt away. The other had not overstepped. His annoying scent filled the room, but did not linger on Kay's skin. He gently disengaged his mouth from his mate's.
"Kay. Are you well?"
Kay's sparkling amber eyes dimmed slightly. He unwound his legs from Lewell'yn's waist, dropped his arms from around his neck, and stepped back from the larger man. He lifted his arm to run a shaking hand through his chin length hair.
"I'm healthy. The babe is fine. I—"
The little medic snapped his mouth shut. Pressing his plump lips together, he shot a nervous glance at the man standing by the windows. A carefully neutral expression was displayed on the man's face. He broke his gaze away from Kay to shoot Lewell'yn an indecipherable look.
"Good Kay, that's good. Kitten, can you step out to the medic station for a moment? I need to talk to my boss in private."
A warning look flashed thru the boss's silver eyes. He gave a slight negative shake of his head. Kay's face looked first startled, and then hurt, finally his expression resolved into a bitterly satisfied smirk.
"No Lewell'yn. I can't."

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Snippet of Snark: Twas the Night Before The Story Was Due

The kidlet is tucked, all snug in her bed,
Tylenol is easing the ache in my head.
I'd opt for some wine,
but the bottle's too big.
If I start drinking now,
I'm sure to be sick...
For all of tomorrow,
the day after too,
so I'll just be content with a coffee or two.
As I try to write the next scene in my story,
Without making my mc too whorey.
He's got to be funny,
he ought to be sly,
but his pouty lipped mouth
just keeps opening wide,
as he spreads his thighs,
and fingers his hole and---
What is that?
Ahem, I'll be back...
I've just got to see...
What he's got planned NOW
with that squeezy pop freeze...

*shaking head*
That's my Thomas.
He'll be appearing soon in his own full length story, The Faery Tree...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Trash: Censorship, Anyone?

Got this in my inbox today.
At first thought it must be a joke. But, no, it is all too real. I still have some investigating to do, to see what this is all about...but really? What's next, book burning parties? It's not like the story I'm thinking of portrays any of the to be mentioned below "offensive" things as titillating. It's a well written book with a scene where a character gets raped. And how his brother and mates are affected by that incident, especially the brother (twin) who was victimized by the same psycho. The overall message is one of hope and is chock full of positive messages.

Msg I received.

Hi everyone.
I mostly lurk these days, but I ran into an email in one of my other groups that surprised me greatly. This popped up on Gay Writers Readers, and on this note, my thanks to Victor Banis who mentioned it.

"We were informed by PayPal, without notice, and by our credit card processing company, that we are required to remove all titles at BookStrand.comwith content containing incest, pseudo incest, rape, and bestiality, effective immediately.

"We request that you immediately log into your account and unpublish all titles that contain the restricted content. If you have uploaded titles containing restricted content and do not unpublish these titles as we are requesting, we will deactivate your entire publisher account, which will remove all your titles from sale."

It seems that Paypal has requested all books with questionable content be removed from certain distributors. In this case, the distributor in question was Bookstrand. I checked to see and indeed, the one book that had incest was removed from the Bookstrand website. Some others with incest content were also removed. 
What is the Silver policy to deal with this? Is there anything that can be done? I'm honestly not sure how this is possible. I'm quite confused and concerned.
Thanks in advance for any info.

Crazy part is how quick Bookstrand jumped to obey.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Update: What I've been doing

Mostly, I've been in bed, hacking and coughing and running a four or five degree above normal temp. But, in addition to this, I've managed to put a little time in at the cave, and came up with a lovely little story for you all entitled Mutiny. You can get it over at Silver, easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  :)

Go get some good free stuff, and while you're there, poke around. There are some amazingly talented writers over at Silver, and the new incentive program is verra, verra nice.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: On being Black and An Apology

Hey there, babies. I don't know that I've ever really mentioned the fact that I am a black woman. I mean, most of the time, that's not even how I think of myself. To me, I'm just Cherie. A kinda wacky chick who likes to write gay romance, hell, any kind of romance or sci-fi, or whatever floats my boat that particular day. Sometimes I write just to get whomever (of the characters) shouts loud enough off my ass and out of my head for a while.

Okay, so be that as it may, it's Black History month, and here I am, a straigthish, Black, NativeAmerican, Chinese, Scottish, English, and Spanish woman and I thought I should address some of the crazier things I've heard over the years and especially over the recent months about being black...and set the record --er--straight as it were.

Therefore, for the purposes of this blog post, and for today only, just consider me black. Cause, in case you didn't know, in America, if you are even as much as one thirty-second black, you are considered, for the  purposes of census, birth certificates and such, black. Or African-American. Even if you've never been closer to Africa than the Discovery Channel.

Listen up now, and try to remember these few things.
1) Black folks come in a whole lotta colors. Check it out here: and here: or even here:

This photo (above) doesn't even take into account the black people that are so light they have trouble being accepted as black by other blacks, nor the blacks whom are that beautiful shade of black so dark there are glints of blue that show in strong light. The pic below shows a lovely example of that, though I have seen darker men, like my dear friend Kelly Khol from San Francisco, who was stunningly beautiful, both a talented dancer and a gifted singer. He was a gift to all of us who knew him back then, as I am sure he is to all who know him today, not just because of his rare physical beauty and musical talent, but also because of his beautiful soul. I still miss you Kelly.

Okay. Got that? Black people come in a lot of colors. Like the beauty below.

2)Black people are not all ignorant, or lazy. Hello, Barack Obama. Martin Luther King Jr., Vicktor Alexander are just a few examples of this. Or, hell, me.

3) Ebonics is actually a different language, as there are different verb tenses. That is what defines the difference between a dialect and a language difference. So when  a black person who speaks Ebonics at home or in their community struggles with standard American English? Give them the same courtesy you would anyone who is an ESL speaker. And give them help in school as kids, just as you would a child coming from a family that speaks Russian, or Spanish, or any foreign language.

4) There's a lot of strength that comes from being black, and a lot of heartache. Never doubt it. It's just like being any other ethnicity, only...blacker. Good and bad and every kind of blue, if you know what I mean.

Okay, I'm getting down off that soap box for now, and proffering an apology for not getting my Friday Flash up last week. I was sick. :( but, I'm working on a little something to make sure that even when I am sick, I will still be able to get my posts up. 

I'll do my best, babies.

Yeah, and here's a little Black History Music for you.

Enjoy it, lieblings.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday: The Flash is coming

I've gotta get some must do offline chores done this am.

So verra unfair, when I just got the internet golden hook-up yesterday.

Le sigh.

On the bright side, I will have the next installment of Fire & Ice done for y'all by late afternoonish, and will post it today.

Later, baby gators.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: Personal Space

Right now I'm enclosed in my cave, and I'm loving it. Mostly because I need to reclaim my space. Today the cave was invaded. No, no storm troopers, no invading forces...just a cable guy coming to set up my internet. And getting all up in the Cave, polluting my peaceful digs with his presence. Now don't get me wrong, I love having the internet, and I love having the quick connection and ... you get the idea. But now I am in my inner sanctum, and the world is closed outside.

I'm burning sage in a moment.

Then I'm going to open up my latest WIP and get lost in Faery.

I don't like to let folk into the cave, because they...well, they move stuff. And sometimes they drop things. And always, they leave the faintest miasma of themselves there, in my private world. I cherish my private time and my private space. I need it.

What about you? Do you need a certain amount of personal space and if so, how do you get it?