Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Snog: Baker, Healer, Assassin, Spy

Ready, babies?
I've got a little snogging fun for you with the boys from Tian's Hero...and another clue for my Second Chance Giveaway. Read the excerpt, and jot down the answer to this question...
QUESTION #2 What do Kay's kisses taste like?


"Lewell'yn! I don't want anything to drink! What in the fecking hell are—mmmmp?"
Kissing was definitely the best way to shut Kay up. Lewell'yn tipped Kay slightly to the side, twisting the smaller man’s head towards him and pressing his chest against Kay’s back. He licked his way into the warm, slightly sweet, spice filled heaven of Kay's mouth. Kay melted against him, opening his mouth wide as his head fell back against Lewell'yn's shoulder.
Summer honey and cloves.
Once Kay began to whimper greedily, Lewell'yn pulled out of the kiss. He tucked Kay against his side as he carried the small medic towards the closest chair. Lewell'yn pushed Kay gently into the seat. He took a bottle of juice from the wary trainee's shaking hand. Did the little fool think Lewell'yn would hurt him? The trainee posed no threat. He did not smell of lies or harmful intent. He was not good to look at. There was no colour to him. There was no reason to waste energy on him. Lewell'yn turned his gaze back to the only colour in the room. Pretty pink lips shiny and swollen from kissing him, amber eyes hazy and unfocused, Kay was good to look at. He still smelled hungry though. His body smelled thirsty too.
"Drink juice Kay."
One fat curl fell across Kayron's forehead, obscuring an eye. He looked dishevelled, like he'd just crawled out of Lewell'yn's bed. Lewell'yn smiled. He liked this look on Kay, even when the man huffed out an exasperated breath.
"Right then. A fecking nutter, ya are mate. Oh, fer fucks sake Lewell'yn, stop growling and give me the damned juice."

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